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Although Q.i Is a full-service research firm, the majority of our assignments fall into six core areas:

Q.i. Brand Strategy Products

Qual, Quant, Quali+Quant

And Q.i Card workshops

Q.i Organizational Health Surveys

MOM, OHM, and a Leadership 360

+ Work related Values Segmentation

Q.i. Evaluation Products

Word and Name tests, Concept Tests, Ad and Communication tests, Pack tests

Q.i Value of Values Syndicated Study

3 levels of access: Reports, Cross tabulations and analyses, Trends, Client specific questions (Return to Sample)

Q.i. Tracking

Using our universal coding frame, we create maps and dashboards from data collected via research and the scraping of websites, as well as social media listening.

Q.i. Individual and Leadership Assessments

We help individuals achieve their true potential,

and achieve emotional

health and well-being



Q.i. offers general, as well as customized workshops, training and presentations e.g.

::  The Power of Emotional Science

::  The Value of Values

::  Brand Mapping and Research

::  Fundamentals of Market Research

::  Brand Strategy Development

::  Individual Health and Well-being

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