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Q.i. is different.


We quantify and map intangibles and tangibles, e-rational and rational drivers, positive and negative, which enables our clients to radically redefine their future and become more authentic, healthier, more successful and profitable.

How is Q.i different from other research and consulting firms?

  1. Q.i. is set apart by its understanding of the power and value of “value systems”.

  2. Q.i. measures and maps tangibles and intangibles, rational drivers and “e”rational drivers like emotions, image and personality attributes, needs and values.

  3. Q.i. is able to “e”valuate and quantify intangibles and demonstrate their value as assets on a balance sheet.

  4. Q.i. can predict the probability of particular behavioural outcomes, including, of course, “buying”.

  5. Q.i. is simultaneously left and right brained, scientific and intuitive, System 1 and System 2, serious and cool.


“A vision is simultaneously aspirational and inspirational,

it defines what a company intends to become”

Our vision is to build a successful research consulting practice based on a profound understanding of human nature, emotions and value systems. We aim to be pioneers and leaders in the alignment of brand, individual and organizational value systems to create authenticity, balance, success, and growth.


 “A mission describes what a company does,

for whom and to what end”

Our mission is to deliver insight into the underlying drivers of behaviour using proprietary mapping tools and technology, to corporate decision makers and to individual leaders enabling them to achieve authenticity, balance, success, and growth.



Q.i. Value Systems Inc.

Like feelings and emotions

What are your customers' or staffs' trust, satisfaction, gratitude, or goodwill worth?

The first part of our name, “Q.i." is pronounced ‘Queue Eye’ – (not Chi)

The name sounds a little unusual, perhaps even mysterious. It was chosen because of its many associations and meanings:

  • First and foremost, Q.i. stands for “Quantifying intangibles” – measuring and manifesting the invisible, underlying drivers of human behaviour.

  • Secondly, Qi (in certain cultures) is the invisible active principle intrinsic to all living things. Qi is frequently translated as "natural energy," "life force," ”life energy,” “life stream,” or "energy flow."  


Q.i. is also reminiscent of IQ – which not only sounds “intelligent”, but is also “quite interesting” and evocative of many other qualities beginning with the letters Q and I. These additional associations (in the table below) reinforce the meaning and power of our name:

The colour of our logo is Magenta

On the colour spectrum Magenta is an invented colour between Ultra Violet, and Infra Red – It is quite literally a “pigment of the imagination!”  



The second part of our name is “Value Systems” 


“Compared with our competitors -who or what are we”

We are a research company. But we do not operate only in the sphere of Brands and Markets.

We also do research in the Organizational, Social, and Cultural sphere and in the Individual and Leadership space.


All our recommendations are squarely based on research. And all our research takes into account underlying emotions, values and perceptions.


In a world overwhelmed by “the superstition of materialism” we are a company that understands the power and importance of unconscious drivers, including emotions and of values, and we can demonstrate and evaluate – (give a cash value to) - the influence of intangibles.

In a marketplace where too much research still tends to be very left brained (i.e. taking at face value what people say), we are also right brained, or more accurately “whole-brained.”

In an industry where the balance between science and imagination has been lost, we are researchers as well as radical and disruptive innovators.

We do this through our ability to quantify and map rational/tangible as well as e-rational/intangible drivers like sentiment, feelings, image and personality, needs and values, symbols, archetypes and imagery.

And we apply our insights to help our clients optimize their brand’s equity and trajectory.


 “Values are centrally-held, enduring beliefs which will guide your actions and judgments across specific situations and beyond immediate goals to more ultimate end-states of existence.”

We understand that it is our shared values that hold us together, and that will ultimately guide us to success.

We value innovation, we are open to change, we challenge the status quo, and we strive to articulate “new rules” of insight, innovation and inspiration.

We strive to maintain the highest moral and ethical standards. We value science, knowledge, learning and competence.

We take pride in the quality and accuracy of our work. 

We treat our colleagues and clients well, and strive to create a happy workplace and a spirit of cooperation and communication. We reward our people for initiative, insight, innovation, performance and achievement.

We value and respect

all people.

We strive to create mutual loyalty by providing excellent customer service and by producing meaningful research insight that reveals the significance and influence of intangible as well as rational drivers and that inspire change and innovation.

We value

our clients

We contribute to the growth and health of the research industry, and of the broader business community and to society as a whole.

We see ourselves as part of a broader community

We believe that if we stay focused and get this right, success and profit will be our reward, and we will ensure that our shareholders and our staff are beneficiaries of this.

We believe success is earned

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