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Hear what clients have to say about Q.i. and Q.i executives


Ted Langschmidt is an intellectual leader on the forefront of consumer choice. He unusually combines a visionary’s point of view with a tenacious will to make good things happen, both sported by one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered. In ten years, he will be recognized as one of the pioneers in a new way of understanding how consumers commit–or not–to brands through an understanding of their core value systems. If you are a marketing leader frustrated by your brand’s inability to differentiate itself meaningfully, call Ted.

James B. Sullivan

President The Bluewater Group

Teddy is a one-man think tank. He is one of only a small handful of the most creative, strategically aware researchers that I have ever worked with. His integrity is pristine and he has a sense of humour that could qualify him for the stage.

Francois Baird

Chairman, Africa at Edelman

Founder at Baird's US

Co-Chairman at Baird's CMC

Teddy, in your own unassuming way, you are able to draw people to you, to your intelligent, straightforward insightful solutions to each and every challenge placed in your path. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that is choking on information and egotism.

Arnold Gelber

Marketing Director at Vigoland

Former Strategic Planning Director of Publicis

I have worked closely with Teddy for that past four years and have found him to be a great visionary. He has a profound understanding of the role that emotions play in influencing behaviour and has put this to excellent use in advising brands on how to position themselves for maximum benefit.

Christie Christelis

CEO, Consilient Inc.

I’ve known and worked with Teddy, for more than 30 years. I cannot think of any researcher who has injected as much innovation and passion into the profession, who has brought his data to life for his clients with such vividness, or who has shown more clearly how research can guide effective action. But I do know of many others who have been informed, inspired and thrilled by him, myself included.

Tony Rattey


 “I have worked with Teddy for nearly three years on multiple brand valuation engagements that integrate in-depth, behavioural market research.  Teddy’s ability to provide insight and wisdom as part of the market research design process has been instrumental in maximizing the value of the market research component of our client engagements."

Edgar Baum

CEO Strata, formerly Managing Director

North America, Brand Finance

For the last 20 years, whenever there has been a need to solve complex problems or to gain actionable consumer insights, I have relied on Chris Commins. Chris is arguably the best research mind in the country. Over the years, Chris has continuously brought forward powerful methodologies and engaged suppliers to further consumer understanding and ensure commercial successes. He constantly amazes me with his vast understanding of new and existing methodologies. Much of my success over the years can be attributed to Chris’ guidance and his uncanny ability to find powerful consumer insights that enable consumer relevancy and competitive advantage.

Gerry L. Guitor

Director, Consulting & Deals at PwC

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