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Mapping and Values technology to make our clients and their brands more successful, profitable and healthier

Q.i. stands for “Quantifying intangibles”

Many business decision makers navigate principally by tangible, rational factors that are easy to measure and capture on a spreadsheet or balance sheet. However, even the most hardened rationalist recognizes that “invisible” or “intangible” factors (i.e. goodwill, trust, integrity, creativity, etc.) are powerful drivers of the success, health and profitability of their business.


Q.i. specializes in the measurement and mapping of what really matters – intangibles which might be difficult to articulate or measure, but which are of extraordinary relevance and are the key differentiators between success and failure.

Q.i differs in 7 significant ways:

The Conventional Approach

Most researchers measure the eight so-called “primary emotions” that are expressed on people’s faces.

Some firms measure a handful of image attributes or personality traits. 

Most companies measure a few dozen cognitive or rational brand attributes.

Very few companies understand or measure “values”.

Research houses generally ask questions relating to consumer behaviour, e.g. purchasing.

Q.i. Value Systems


Q.i. measures hundreds of emotions including “invisible” emotions which don’t even have their own emojis! (i.e. trust, confidence, inspiration, gratitude, appreciation, etc.).

Q.i. measures over 200 dimensions of personality, including both positive and negative characteristics.

Q.i. has conducted over 40,000 pilot interviews and has mapped the inter-relationships between thousands of brand attributes, and understands exactly how brand attributes are inter-related, and how they are influenced and embedded by emotional drivers.

Q.i. measures and maps what people truly value and how their values can manifest in a variety of forms.

And Q.i. can segment people by their personal values, and their work-related values.

Q.i. is the only research house that maps 43 consumer behaviours, as well as 237 generic behaviours. Q.i. predicts behavioural outcomes and circuits, based on feelings, relationships, image, and cognitive brand associations.

What’s more, Q.i. helps clients optimize their brand’s value, by calculating the cash value of all the elements that build up a brand’s identity.

Q.i. also maps the sensory, symbolic, metaphorical dimension (including emojis, personality archetypes, websites, images and mysterious “XQs”). This helps clients create an optimal brand character and project a consistent or archetypal image.


Our clients are not only rational; they also have a deep appreciation of the importance of values and of intangible drivers to give them an edge. It could be said that they acknowledge the so-called intangible dimension in life and business.

Our clients acknowledge the importance of intangible drivers and values systems in creating authenticity, balance, long term profitability and success, and they are attracted by our values, scientific research and success stories.

Recent clients include Steam Whistle Brewery, Melitta Coffee, Serta Simmons Mattresses, Mass Minority Advertising, Mars, Hormel Food, BBDO, Home Trust, Job Talks, Rescon, Stonemill Bakehouse, Nintendo 

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Q.i. measures and maps Tangible and Intangible Drivers:





1.perceptible by touch.



1.a thing that is perceptible by touch.



concrete, touchable, palpable

concrete, physical, real, substantial, corporeal, solid, obvious, visible

“Tangible assets include both fixed assets, such as machinery, buildings and land, and current assets, such as inventory.”

Left Brained:

Precise, narrow focus, explicit, literal, linear, conscious, black or white, easily measurable and can be reflected on a balance sheet

Related terms:

Quantity, Control, Utility, Rational, Financial





1.unable to be touched or grasped; not having physical presence.


noun intangible thing.  


abstract, impalpable, untouchable, imperceptible to touch, nonphysical, bodiless, incorporeal, unembodied, disembodied, invisible

"Intangibles asset include self-confidence, creativity, goodwill, trust, and responsibility, loyalty, as well as brand recognition, and reputation"


Right Brained:

Implicit, big picture, inter-related, holistic, moral, unconscious, nuanced, more difficult to measure and quantify.

Related terms:

Quality, Conceptual, Emotional, E-rational, Soul or Spirit, Values, Image


Ted Langschmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Adao Hentges
Chief Statistician

Robert Laufer
SVP, Client services

Senior Vice-President - Client Services

Director – Organizational Studies

Director – Organizational Studies

Benjamin Millard
Project Director


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